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"National Standby Repair came to my rescue, not once but twice, during the superstorm. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you." Roslyn A., Briarcliff Manor, NY

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

There may be no worse senario than a sudden loss of power during life-saving medical procedures. Maintaining continuity of operations ensures that vital services and medical equipment, from breathing apparatuses to dialysis machines, stay up and running. You need the lights to stay on during medical procedures and services, and National Standby can make sure they do.

Office Buildings

Electricity is the fuel that business runs on; everything from internet connectivity to keeping servers operational to simply making sure the copy machine is up and running depends on reliable electrical service. National Standby will make sure your office building is able to guarantee operational continuity.

Residential High Rises

Tenants depend on reliable electricity for everything from elevator service to keeping the water running; a well-maintained generator system serviced by National Standby will keep your building safe, secure, and operational during even the worst power failures.

Community Sewage and Water Pumps

The failure of water and sewage pumps can severely disrupt a community during a storm or power failure, but the risks don’t end there. Sewage overflow isn’t only dangerous; it can result in stiff financial penalties. National Standby can guarantee that your community pumps will be up and running – no matter what.

Supermarkets & Malls

Power failures in large public spaces like supermarkets and malls can result in injuries to customers suddenly plunged into darkness, and the loss of refrigeration can result in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars on wasted food. But it doesn’t have to; National Standby is ready to help you make sure you keep the lights on – and the refrigerators running.


Keeping emergency services running during a natural disaster or infrastructure failure is vitally important; police, fire departments, and ambulance corps all depend on electrical service to help keep everyone safe. Your town, city, or municipality can prepare by making sure you have dedicated, reliable, well-maintained generators with the help of National Standby.


The sudden loss of power can be disruptive for the learning environment, and the logistics of suddenly having to send kids home early are particularly difficult. But you can keep children in the classroom by preventing power failures from affecting your school at all with National Standby’s help.

Special Assistance Housing

A power failure is always a problem, but when you’re running critical care equipment, it can become a crisis. Even the loss of adequate lighting can be a problem in retirement and assisted living facilities. You can ensure the safety and well-being of your residents by partnering with National Standby.

Off-the-Grid Facilities

Generators are of the utmost importance at facilities that aren’t connected to the power grid; from cell towers to emergency cabins, these facilities depend on electricity to operate – but can’t work without an electrical generator. National Standby is equipped to ensure operational continuity at any off-the-grid site.

Veterinary Hospitals

You don’t want the lights to go out in the middle of a delicate operation. National Standby is ready to help you ensure the power stays on even in the midst of widespread power failure, empowering you to continue offering life-saving services to all your animal patients.

Sports & Country Clubs

Whether want to keep your special event running in the banquet hall or want to prevent injuries caused by a sudden loss of lighting in windowless areas such as indoor pools or locker rooms, a generator is a vital tool for large multi-use facilities. You can keep your clientele comfortable during extended power outages, providing both shelter and sustenance. Partnering with National Standby will ensure the safety of your patrons – and help you keep them entertained.