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You purchased a standby generator to avoid getting caught unprepared in the event of an unexpected power failure – so the last thing you want is for your generator to fail right when you need it. But a generator that hasn’t been properly maintained is ill-equipped to be called on during a power outage, and could even prove to be a dangerous fire hazard.

On the other hand, a well-maintained generator can be relied on to provide service for as long as twenty years or more, saving you money on repair and ad-hoc maintenance costs and ensuring you steady operation in the worst of storms. Our attentive and reliable technicians are ready to help you get ready – and stay ready.

We’re proud to offer NSR Annual Service Agreements to help you make sure that your generator is always working at top form. Regular, scheduled maintenance visits by our expert team will guarantee that any malfunctions are corrected before they become problems – and since every generator we service is guaranteed for a year, it’s as if you have a lifetime warranty.

What You Get with an Annual Service Agreement

  • Fixed rate annual contract with free repairs during normal business hours AND 24/7 priority service.
  • All calls answered by NSR professionals, not by an answering service. We have someone ready to answer your call 24/7 in emergency situations.
  • All maintenance performed by our factory-trained professionals.
  • We test transfer switches, circuits and programming so you can expect seamless operation from your generator in a power outage.
  • We provide a detailed written report on equipment condition, maintenance performed, and recommendations.
  • Our NSR Annual Service Agreement contract warranties your generator, even after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

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