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"The power is out and the generator is working perfectly! It is so quiet I actually had to open the door to the patio to hear if it was on or whether it was just a quick outage and the regular power was back on. I am so happy we went with this one. Thank you so much for getting this perfect. I love it!" Vincent M., Bedford Hills, NY

Residential electricity has come a long way since its inception, and modern homes are more dependent on reliable electrical service than ever before. Whether we’re talking about kitchen appliances, climate control, or smart devices, we’re always plugged in – and a sudden or prolonged power loss can result in serious lifestyle disruptions, if not worse. The failure of critical care equipment or damage to circuitry or electrical wiring caused by sudden surges can prove exceedingly dangerous.

National Standby is your reliable source for residential generator service. We’re fully equipped to provide you the high-quality electrical generator equipment you need to ensure continuous operation in the event of a critical power failure. We’re a second-generation, family-owned business with in-depth experience of the power needs of the Tri-state area, covering the entire Hudson Valley, all five boroughs of New York City, southern Connecticut, and northern New Jersey. Our expert, fully-certified technicians guarantee you the right generator and best-in-class installation and servicing.

Generator Sales, Installation, and Repair

We take your home power needs seriously. Beginning with a thorough analysis of your home’s electrical capacity and power usage, we can recommend and install a generator in line with your needs and your budget. National Standby is a certified vendor of some of the country’s top generator brands, offering top-of-the-line servicing on America’s most trusted generators. And every generator we sell and service under contract is guaranteed for a year – on top of the manufacturer warranty.

Couple that with our unique 75 Point Maintenance Program. We go above and beyond warranty service to make sure that your generator reliably runs for as long as it’s needed, protecting you, your family, and your home from dangerous malfunctions.

National Standby is trusted by the region’s top critical care facilities to keep the lights on when it’s most needed. Take a look, and find out why people trust National Standby for reliable service in emergencies.