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Load Bank Testing

A vital part of any regimen of preventative maintenance, load bank testing according to NFPA standards helps to ensure that your generator can provide the required horsepower when you need it most. If your generator can’t perform, it doesn’t matter how powerfully it’s been rated; it won’t be reliable in an emergency.

Since generators typically go long intervals between uses, they begin to operate below their rated capacity - which means that they're unable to provide their full kilowatt rating. Load bank tests provide an artificial load at rated capacity to ensure your generator can handle anything. And since load bank testing can help healthcare facilities avoid fines by demonstrating the ability to maintain operational continuity, there’s no reason to neglect this valuable service.

National Standby provides a total regimen of preventative maintenance; we offer in-house load bank testing on diesel generators according to NFPA standards. No matter the generator, National Standby can provide world-class service ensuring long-lasting, reliable operation.

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